Campania s-a incheiat pe 15 Septembrie.

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Consultați mai jos istoricul campaniei.

(următorul text face parte din istoria campaniei, nimic nu este valabil, campania s-a încheiat la 15 Septembrie 2017)

Campania începe în data de 15 iunie și se încheie la 15 septembrie 2017
în restaurantele și barurile Aeroportului Internațional Henri Coanda din București.

Cheltuind cel puțin 50 de lei în barurile și restaurantele din Aeroportul Internațional „Henri Coanda” veți primi un card razuibil prin care puteți câștiga unul dintre următoarele premii:

1500 insigne, 1500 de lănțișoare cheie sau 2000 de autocolante pentru bagaje

Pentru a câștiga Marele Premiu, un FIAT 500C, completați datele de pe spatele cardului razuibil și plasați-l în urna.

Regulamentul campaniei este afișat în locațiile participante și poate fi găsit pe site-ul nostru.

Tragerea la sorți va avea loc în septembrie 2017, iar câștigătorul va fi contactat personal prin telefon si e-mail și apoi anunțat oficial pe site-ul nostru.

Regulamentul de campanie este afișat în locațiile participante și poate fi găsit pe site-ul web:

Campania nu se cumulează cu alte promoții și campanii în desfășurare și nu este valabilă pentru achiziționarea produselor din tutun.

Se pot cere premii din locațiile participante.

Campania de vara 2017


Citeste aici regulamentul campaniei „VACANTA TA INCEPE AICI!” desfasurata in toate locatiile
Aeroportului International „Henri Coanda” Bucuresti si care s-a incheiat la data de 15 Septembrie 2017.

Rules of the "YOUR HOLIDAY STARTS HERE!" campaign

“Your holiday starts here”

Campaign period: 15.06.2017 – 14.09.2017


The promotional campaign “Your holiday starts here” is organized by DNATA CATERING SRL, with registered office in 224R, Calea Bucurestilor, postal code 70000, Otopeni Town, Ilfov county, number of order with the Trade RegistryJ23/1077/2001, VAT registration number RO4339914, temporary personal data operator number 20871/30.08.2012, duly represented by the Deputy General Manager ŢONEA ŞTEFAN-RĂZVAN, referred to in the hereby rules as the “Organizer”,

The Campaign and the activities related and/or involved by the application and/or the dispositions of the hereby Rules is/are conducted and will be performed by DNATA CATERING SRL, the later performing activities related to the Campaign Rules, to the management and integration of the campaign channels, to the collection and processing of personal data of the participants to the Campaign and to contacting the winners. All the participants are guaranteed the rights pursuant to Law 677/2001 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and the free movement of such data, respectively the right to information, the right of access to data, the right of intervention, the right to object, the right to be not subjected to an individual decision and the right to bring judicial proceedings, amended and supplemented by Law no. 506/2004 concerning the processing of personal data and the protection of privacy in the electronic communications field.

The decision to conduct the Campaign according to the hereby rules (hereinafter referred to as the ”Official Rules” or the ”Rules”), is final and binding upon the participants. The Organizer withholds the right to amend these Official Rules throughout the Campaign, through the elaboration of an addendum to the hereby Rules, such amendment becoming effective within 24 hours since the date of their publication. The amendments of the Rules do not apply retroactively.

The participation to the Campaign involves the acceptance by the Participants of the provisions of these Rules as well as the mandatory compliance with such Rules. By participating to this Campaign, the Participants will be considered to have read, understood and fully accepted the provisions of the hereby Regulation and of any amendments thereto.


The Campaign is organized pursuant to the provisions of the Government Ordinance no. 99/2000 regarding the marketing of products and services on the market, republished in the Official Gazette no. 603 as of 31.08.2007.


The Campaign is organized and conducted inside the International Airport Henri Coanda Bucharest, in the locations: Illy 1, Illy 2, Left Bank 1, Left Bank 2, Brioche Doree 1, Brioche Doree 2, Gloria Jeans 1, Gloria Jeans 2, Lavazza, Take Off, Segafredo, Falafel, La sarmale, Burger King, Trattoria Buongiorno, City Café, Peroni, during the period: 15.06.2017 – 14.09.2017 until hours 23.59.59, pursuant to the provisions of the hereby Official Rules.


The campaign is opened to participation to all the natural persons, no matter which their nationality, gender, religion, ethnicity might be, who must be at least 18 years of age completed upon the date of enrolment in the Campaign according to art. 5 of the hereby Regulation, who transit the Airport Henri Coanda Bucharest during the campaign period and who fulfil the terms and conditions of the hereby Official Rules (hereinafter referred to as ”Participants”).

Are not eligible to participate to the Campaign the legal persons, the family businesses, the employees of the organizer and of the other companies involved in the organization and conduct of the Campaign, as well as the relatives or the in-laws of the later up to the IInd degree.

The participation to this Campaign implies the full, express and unequivocal knowledge and acceptance of the hereby Official Rules.


1. In order to join this promotional campaign, participants must consume products amounting to minimum Ron 50 on a single bill in whichever of the restaurants and cafés of the airport, throughout the campaign period.

2. Once they will have consumed products amounting to minimum Ron 50, based on the received fiscal bill, they will receive a scratch coupon with instant prizes which may be picked up from the participant locations.

3. In order to participate in the drawing of lots, participants will fill-in the received coupon with their personal data (name, phone number, address, identity card or passport, location, number and date of the fiscal bill), coupon which shall be placed inside an urn.

4. A participant may join the campaign with as many unique fiscal bills and implicitly filled-in coupons as she/he wishes, provided that the later be issued during the campaign period and amounted to minimum Ron 50/fiscal bill.

The Campaign cannot be cumulated with other promotions and campaigns in course and it is not valid with the purchase of tobacco products.

In case of identification of persons who have influenced, defrauded or facilitated the winning of prizes, the Organizer has the right to annul the relevant award thus vitiated and to request that the relevant persons be hold liable, based on the existing evidence.


In this promotional Campaign will be awarded instant prizes through scratch cards:

· Key-ring– 1500 pcs.

· Badge– 1500 pcs.

· Luggage sticker – 2000 pcs

And by lot at the end of the campaign the big prize:

· a FIAT 500 C car with a trade value of Euro 10,000 plus VAT.

Instant prizes may be claimed by clients on the spot from the location in which they have participated to the campaign.

The big prize will be personally picked-up by the winner from the International Airport Henri Coanda.


The drawing of lots for the designation of the campaign prizes will take place within no more than 15 calendar days since the end of the campaign, in the presence of a representative of the Organizer and of an Attorney. To the drawing of lots participate all the filled-in coupons from the competition period and shall be extracted a total number of 5 coupons, a winner and four reserves. The 4 reserves shall be extracted for the circumstance in which prizes were not validated by the Organizer. The extraction shall be performed by a representative of the Organizer through the successive removal from the urn of 5 coupons. The first coupon extracted from the urn will represent the winning coupon.

The Organizer withholds the right to exclude any participation to the campaign that is performed by infringing the hereby Official Rules.

One person may win in the competition maximum 1 (one) prize only, no matter how many entries she/he had.


The name of the extracted winner shall be published in all the Dnata locations, at the end of the promotional campaign, after its validation.

The potential winner of the big prize shall be contacted by phone or by e-mail, by an Organizer’s representative.

For validation purposes, the potential winner must submit electronically a copy of his/her ID Card/Passport and the fiscal bill confirming the data filled-in on the scratch card). Did the winner not submit/present the ID Card/Passport and the fiscal bill within 7 calendar days since the date when he/she was contacted, upon the third such notification made meanwhile, the prize may no longer be claimed by her/him. Under this circumstance, the prize shall be awarded to the reserve designated by lot as described above. The reserves must fulfil the same conditions for the validation of the prize. Prize acceptance is not compulsory.

In order for a coupon to be valid, it must be fully filled-in with the following details:

full name, phone number, email, address, identity card/ passport, the location from which the scratch coupon was collected, the number and the series of the fiscal bill.

The Organizer shall not be liable for the coupons filled-in in a wrong, incomplete or illegible manner, being entitled to invalidate such coupons.

The failure to fulfil the conditions of participation to the Campaign, results in the disqualification of the winner, the prize remaining at the disposal of the Organizer.

Did the Organizer suspect fraud, it withholds the right to disqualify the winner, the prize remaining at the disposal of the Organizer.

Upon handing the prize shall be signed a delivery-receipt protocol/an acknowledgement of receipt. With the winner’s signing the delivery-receipt protocol/the acknowledgement of receipt, the Organizer is released towards the winner from any liability resulting under the hereby Official Rules.

The Organizer shall not grant any compensation in cash or in other benefits to the potential winners who do not comply or do not fulfil as such the requirements of the Rules. The Organizer has no payment or other liability from the moment the prize is handed to the winner.


The Organizer assumes no liability and shall not be called as part in any prize-related dispute or in any dispute regarding the winners’ ownership right upon the prizes. Any disputes regarding the ownership right upon the prizes will not impair the principle according to which the Organizer of the Campaign will grant the prize to the person who complies with the provisions of the hereby Official Rules. Once the prizes are received by the winner, the Organizer is no longer liable for the quality and integrity thereof.

Did the Organizer ascertain that a winner did not fulfil and/or did not comply with the conditions stipulated in the hereby Official Rules, the Organizer withholds the right to suspend at any time the rights and benefits which devolve to the winner, without any compensation or payment due by the Organizer to the relevant winner.

The Organizer withholds the right to verify and monitor the manner in which are carried out the enrolments in the campaign. In case fraud attempts were noticed, the relevant enrolments will be annulled. The Organizer withholds the right to definitively exclude any person participating to the campaign who, through fraudulent conduct, impairs the smooth running of the campaign. The Organizer is entitled to adopt all the necessary measures in case of system fraud attempt, abuse or any other attempts which might undermine the reputation or the costs of this Campaign.


The Organizer, for the Campaign conduct purposes, processes the personal data of the Participants to this promotion pursuant to Law 677/2001. By communicating their personal data in the manners expressly indicated in the Rules, the persons registered in the competition expressly and unequivocally consent for their personal data to be introduced in the Organizer’s database for the exclusive purpose of validation, of prizes award and of fulfilment of the tax liabilities by the promotions organizers. After the end of the campaign, the personal data of the Participants will be destroyed.

The Organizer guarantees the confidentiality of the personal data of all the Participants. The personal data collected during this Campaign shall not be disclosed to third parties, except to the persons empowered by the Organizer and to the contractual partners of the later, and except for the cases in which it must comply with the liabilities imposed by the effective legislation and by the hereby Rules. The participant to the Campaign, as person concerned has, under Law 677/2001, the following rights: the right to information (art. 12), the right of access to data (art.13), the right of intervention upon the data (art. 14), the right to object (art. 15), the right to be not subjected to an individual decision (art. 17) and the right to bring judicial proceedings (art. 18).

The last names and first names of the winners and the prizes won in the Campaign shall be published according to the obligations imposed by the Government Ordinance no. 99/2000 regarding the marketing of products and services on the market, republished in the Official Gazette no. 603 as of 31.08.2007.

The participants have the right to obtain upon request and for free the confirmation of the fact that the data which regard them are or not processed by the later and, moreover, have the right to oppose at any time against the processing of the data concerning them, unless specifically provided otherwise by the laws. The participants are entitled to request, through a written application, the free deletion, blocking, anonymization or updating of the personal data pursuant to the provisions of Law 677/2001. In order to exercise these rights, the Participant to the Campaign shall submit a written request, dated and signed to KZ CREATIVE AD SRL, 1A, Drumul Garii Odai Str., Room 301.4, Otopeni, Ilfov county. The exercise of the right of intervention, in one of the forms provided by the hereby comma, on the personal data during the Campaign may result in disqualification of the Participant respectively from the Campaign, if the validation procedure could no longer be performed under the hereby Rules.


The Organizer undertakes to calculate and to transfer the due tax for the incomes obtained by the winners by receiving the Campaign Prizes, in accordance with the provisions of the Tax Code law 571/2003 with effective amendments. The Organizer shall submit income statements with the relevant tax authority for the incomes provided in these rules. Any other income statements and expenses that derive from the winning of the Prizes are to be born exclusively by the winner. The Organizer shall not be liable at all for any additional expenses, due under the enforceable legislation or generated by any circumstances, born by the participant in relation with this campaign or in relation with the prize won.


This Campaign may end only in case of occurrence of an event which represents force majeure*, including in case of impossibility by the Organizer, for reasons beyond its control, to continue it.

*Force Majeure, agreed to be the unforeseeable and unavoidable event, occurred after the entry into force of the hereby Official Rules and which prevents the party or the parties to fulfil its/their contractual liabilities, exonerates from liability the party which claims it, throughout the duration of the Force Majeure event, confirmed by the Romanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.


Any disputes arising between the Organizer and the Participants to this Campaign shall se settled amiably or in case an amiable settlement was not possible, the disputes will be settled by the relevant courts of law of Romania.

Any complaints related to the conduction of the Campaign may be submitted to the address of DNATA CATERING SRL, with office in 224R, Calea Bucurestilor, postal code 70000, Otopeni Town, Ilfov county. The organizer withholds the right to suspend the conduction of the campaign until the resolution of the complaints which regard incidents that might undermine the Company’s reputation or costs.


By participating to this Campaign, the participants agree to observe and to comply with all the provisions, terms and conditions of these Official Rules. The Rules for participation/operation of the promotional campaign is available, for free, to any applicant through a written request addressed to

DNATA CATERING SRL, with registered office in 224R, Calea Bucurestilor, postal code. 70000, Otopeni Town, Ilfov county. Any change in the rules on the participation to the Campaign, in the manner of operation of the later, of its validity period, shall be publicly announced by the Organizer.

The hereby Official Rules have been drafted complying with the provisions of the Government Ordinance no. 99/2000 regarding the marketing of market products and services, republished in the Official Gazette no. 603 as of 31.08.2007 and have been signed in one original counterpart and in 4 copies, today, 15.06.2017 date of authentication by the Notary Public.




Imagini cu campania, din locatiile participante

O galerie de imagini din campania „VACANTA TA INCEPE AICI!”.




Campania s-a incheiat pe data de 15 Septembrie 2017!

Fericitul castigator al marelui premiu: un superb FIAT 500c este: 





E simplu! Vezi cum poti participa si intra in cursa pentru marele premiu de 10.000 de euro. Nu e greu!


Restauranele si cafenelele din

Aeroportul International „Henri Coanda” Bucuresti

Vezi toate restaurantele si cafenelele Aeroportului


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