The ideal place to enjoy a meal in a relaxing atmosphere.

Peroni is the own concept the company Alpha Rocas, created by Ursus ROMANIA and is located inside the Henri Coanda International Airport, in the International Departures Terminal.

With a modern design, Peroni bar inspires the ideal place to dine in a relaxing and confortable atmosphere with a helpful and prompt staff. Peroni is positioned into an open and bright space which is exactly what gives the customer a pleasant environment. Also, for the cliet’s comfort, there is a smoking area where passengers can dine and smoke in optimal conditions.

An advantage of this bar is its location between gates 7 and 15, which provides a large number of clients due to passengers flow during boarding period at these gates. The men incldes a well-diversified range of dishes to satisfy customers demands. It sells pastries, cakes, sandwiches and fresh salads as well as draft and bottled beer, alcoholic drinks (spirits and all sorts of white and red wine) and a various range of soft drinks (Coca-Cola, Fanta, Sprite, mineral water and carbonated, fresh and bottled fruit juices), coffee specialties (Caffe Latte, espresso Machiatto) and hot drinks (tea and chocolate).

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