Gloria Jean’s Coffee – an unique experience!

We, at Gloria Jean’s Coffee are commited to creating an unique experience for our clients in the field of coffee.

Founded more than 30 years ago, Gloria Jean’s Coffees has become a global symbol with more than 1000 stores in over 40 countries. As specialists in hand brewed coffee from the coffee bean to the cup, we invite you to taste the passion for which Gloria Jean’s Coffees is famous.

We buy only the finest Arabica coffee beans, manually selected and sorted. At our facilities for manual coffee preparation, we prepare coffee blends specific to our brand. All baristas are professionally trained in a program of world class Barista Training.

We are a company with a social conscience, which proudly stands farmers on coffee plantations by the Rainforest Alliance, sponsoring children of farmers in Columbia and numerous community initiatives.

Gloria Jean’s Coffees began commercial activity in a small coffee and gifts shop in Chicago USA, in 1979.

From that moment Gloria Jean’s has grown as a company of gourmet coffee and coffee specialties over the years. In 1986, to meet rising demand, the company began to franchise to third parties. In the ’80s, Gloria Jean’s Coffees was sold to Deidrich Coffees Corporation. Deidrich Coffees Corporation contributed a lot to transform the brand into an international franchise company.

In February 2005 the strongest franchised in Australia bought the brand. Today, Gloria Jean’s Coffees has become one of the leading processor and traders of coffee specialties. Gloria Jean’s buys only 2% of the best Arabica coffee beans collected worldwide. The processes of roasting and flavoring are made in Australia with the most modern technoogies.

Today, Gloria Jean’s Coffees has operations in over 30 countries, including Australia, USA, Japan, South Africa, UAE, Turkey.

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